Welcome to the world of fire!

Be prepared for the unprepared, IGNITED offer everything from set concepts ready to perform to unique masterpieces with customised evenings of high content fireshows with stagelights, flame machines, choreographed fire performances and carefully chosen music of intensity, power and excitement. There is no limits! (except your budget..)

Down below you will find different examples of what is possible to do with fire, different pricerange for different show aimed towards different kind of events. We always listen to the customers demands and will always customise our performances if needed.

Student EM_103
Student EM_108
Student EM_81
Student EM_82


Our biggest standalone show yet!

A magic setup aimed to amaze. Here we go all in with the fire, special effects, flame machines, lightning and all pyrotechnics we can find!

This setup require more safety than any other show we do, please contact us for more information if we are possible to perform at your location

35 000 SEK ex VAT and up


Our standard "Enough of enerything" show!

You have an event that isnt to much but neither to small and want to make it just that little extra? We got you covered!

Our more standard option of a show have everything IGNITED stands for, but in a reasonable amount that suits everywhere at anytime to make it just that extra without setting fire to everything we have!

25 000 SEK ex VAT and up

Student EM_12
boda sand_333
boda sand_260
boda sand_328
boda sand_183
boda sand_260


Want it small and simple, yet amazing?

We do our soloshow in the spirit if IGNITED, but in a much smaller setup. We still amaze with what we do best: Fire, special effects and an intense show.

Half the force with one artist of IGNITED, same amount of the excitement!

10 000 SEK ex VAT and up


Do you have crazy ideas for a show?

Want us to work with other artists and concepts?

This is for you!

Should we come flying from the sky, appear from a magic trick or set fire to the car while you drive? 

Then you need to customise a show for your special demands and we are here to help you from start to the end. Contact us and we will help even your craziest idea come true!

[Insert your budget here] ex VAT and up



We have showed you our world of fire, so what happens now?

Contact us with following information and it will make it easier for us to help you! See below:

1. What kind of show do you want to know more about?

2. What is happening during the evening? (Live tv, Festival etc)

3. Where is the location?

4. What time do you want us to perform?

5. Do you have a budget that sets the limit of magic?

5. Most important: Add your requests and ideas for the evening!